Management Consulting Services

VMG provides a broad range of management consulting services to federal government and private sector organizations, including strategic planning, business process improvement, technical assistance, change management, program/project management, acquisition and financial management support, economic analysis and modeling, policy analysis and recommendations, leadership development, coaching and training, communications, and administrative support services.

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Targeted Services

Leadership Development

Coaching, Training, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement


Internal and External-Facing Communications Planning, Digital and Social Media Communication, Public Relations Management, Literature Development and Review

Technical Assistance

Technology and Scientific subject matter expert support, coaching, mentoring, knowledge transfer, call center support and resource sharing of best practices and guidelines

Program Management

Acquisition and Financial/Budget Management Support, Project/Portfolio Management, Program Monitoring and Evaluation, Risk Management, Metrics Development and Tracking

Capacity Building

Needs Assessments, Training, Skills Development, Staff Augmentation, Infrastructure Development, Process Adaptation, Cultural Adaptation

Meeting and Conference Support

Meeting Planning and Event Organization, Facilitation, Transcription and Note-Taking, Follow-up Assessments and Results Reporting

Administrative Support

Administrative, Executive Assistance, Training and Curriculum Design, Staffing, Internal Communication Coordination

We assess challenges and barriers head on and develop solutions to maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring that goals are achieved in a measurable and meaningful way
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