Information Technology

Our team of IT experts designs and develops cutting edge IT solutions that empower clients to achieve their mission goals, covering everything from managing systems to designing innovative solutions.

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Targeted Services

Information Technology

Cloud Computing, Health Informatics, SharePoint Administration/Development, Software Design and Development, Technology Modernization, User Experience/Usability, Web Design and Development

Data Modernization

Cloud Computing/Database Migration/Application Integration, Data Management, Data Security, Data Visualization, Strategic Planning

Data Analysis

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting, Data Preparation and Cleansing, Data Quality, Data Security, Data Sourcing, Collection, and Storage, Data Visualization

Project/Program Management

Agile Management, Business Process Improvement/Re-engineering, IT Project Management

The VMG team includes expert consultants in Information Technology
Cynthia Prather, PhD
Nichole Kagwisa IT Subject Matter Expert

Our Information Technology (IT) practice is led by Nichole Kagwisa. Ms. Kagwisa has more than 25 years’ experience in project management, organizational development and management, strategic planning, business process improvement, performance management, and technology implementation. She is skilled at solving complex business challenges and achieving program goals in support of client missions.

Throughout her career, Ms. Kagwisa has held leadership positions at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Dayna International, SciMetrika, and Total Solutions, Inc. Her areas of experience include environmental health, health communications and education, information technology, management consultation and technical assistance, global public health, workforce development, business process improvement, technology enhancement, process automation, and analytics.

At VMG, she helps organizations envision their strategic potential and desired program impact. This is done through the analysis of critical business requirements, the identification of opportunities for improvement, and the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions for building revenue, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency and quality.

Ms. Kagwisa has provided programmatic support for various federal agencies, including the CDC, CMS, and NIH; and small business federal contractors focused on health services; and non-governmental organizations. She has also hosted strategy workshops for numerous small business federal contractors. Her diverse background gives her the versatility to help clients find solutions to the complex problems they face.

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