Health Equity Practice

VMG delivers research-based knowledge and expert services to help eradicate disparities. Our woman-owned firm offers a full suite of solutions, including specialized services that aim to guide our nation toward a more equitable health system. We offer comprehensive health equity, diversity, and inclusion-informed services. We aim to help our clients achieve the Healthy People 2030 Initiative's objectives, as well as cultural, CLAS, and other national standards.

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Targeted Services

Literature Reviews

We offer comprehensive and summarized literature reviews on any topic related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and closing the gap in health care accessibility.

Evaluation of Equity Standards

We evaluate the ability of organizations to meet health equity standards, including identifying any implicit bias or structural racism in policies and practices. We project future impact and suggest a new trajectory.

Cultural Competency
and CLAS Standards

We guide clients on the proper implementation of the national standards.

Evaluation Programs on Health

We collect and analyze data to identify the social impact of health programs, with disaggregated data to visualize access gaps.

Diversity Training and Leadership Development

We provide team guidance and training to develop diversity, equity, and inclusion-informed human resources and organizational leadership training that contributes to a more equitable nation.


We offer education for individuals and teams to help them adopt a mindset focused on growth, and to work toward cultural competence for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Organizational Development

We offer support for creating a more equitable work environment and programs, and for implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion standards.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

We provide assistance to organizations’ leadership to help them build a more equitable organization with a positive impact on health.

GIS for Health Equity

We offer location-based strategies to identify places with limited access to the resources necessary for leading healthy lives, allowing for more efficient resource allocation in communities in need. 

The VMG team includes expert consultants in diversity, inclusion, and equity for community impact
Cynthia Prather, PhD
Cynthia Prather, PhD

Our health equity team is led by a health equity and HIV expert with over 25 years of experience in applied social and behavioral research.

Dr. Prather is a former CDC research scientist, specializing in the prevention of various diseases, and more specifically addressing equity as it relates to racism and poverty.

Through Veritas Management Group, Dr. Prather applies her knowledge and experience in health equity by supporting organizations in recognizing and addressing the systemic challenges minority groups face. Her past and current work plays a vital role in understanding and articulating the challenges presented by structural racism and implicit biases, and also in developing tools and applying best practices to achieve health equity.

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